The 21st Century is the era of service, and our company is perfectly positioned to help you meet your growing needs.

Satisfying customers takes efficient, responsive professional services; here's what we can do for you:
Welcome to the Chastang Enterprises!

  • Curriculum Development for all types of accreditation.
  • Educational Training
  • Pharmaceutical Consultation
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Legal Contract Consultation
  • Global Technical Institute
Key Performance Measurements
Our company is your #1 source for professional services. We include performance guarantees into each of our  services, measuring achievement in 10 key areas:
Excellent Service
Delivery dispute resolution
Competitive Advantage
Customer Relationship Management
Customer expectations exceeded
"They have developed a wonderful curriculum for our Pharmacy Technician  Program for our Instiute that is accredited and has been accepted by the State Board of Pharmacy"

-Global Technical Institute
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Customer satisfaction indices
On-time best practices
Survey achievement
Customer retention ratio
Flexibility to provide customization

Preparing curriculums  in Various Subjects.
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Gain a vast amount of assistance with our consultation specializing in pharmaceuticals and legal contracts.    Learn more
Specializing Certificate Educational Training in multiple areas of the Healthcare Field.
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Curriculum Development